Friday, 17 October 2014

The Duckling and the Squirrel - A Prophetic Dream?


The Dream

I had a dream last night (17th October 2014), in which a little duckling came waddling over to me, squawking a pitiful message to me, a lament about the loss of her home.  I felt terribly sorry for this little mite and picked her up and cuddled her to me until she was eventually soothed by the warmth and security of my arm and hands.

But I knew she wanted to tell me something important, so I gently set her down in front of me, and followed her as she led me to a large tree (possibly an Oak).  She climbed up to where there was a hollow, in which there was an open cardboard box containing a cosy place for shelter, resembling a padded pet basket.  The duckling got right inside it and peered out.  Just then came along a squirrel, and the pair of them kicked up a terrible fuss as the squirrel made it very clear that this was his home, and no longer belonged to the duckling, which he proceeded to force out.

The duckling cried out to me for help, and I realised she had been evicted from the home which was rightfully hers.  I picked her up once again and soothed her, telling her I would try and solve the problem.  She calmed down and relaxed once more into my arms.

I soon found myself in a room, rather like a church hall, where some people were selling cardboard boxes containing little shelters, exactly like the one I had just seen in the tree.  There was also a Bible with each box.  I asked how much these packages were and was told £10.  I paid the money and took the box to the tree, placing it securely in the hollow next to the box with the squirrel in it.  The duckling was thrilled, and quickly climbed into it knowing this was her new home.  I watched, and was reassured that the two would live happily side by side for a period of time.  I knew it wouldn’t work long-term, but for now this was a good enough solution.


A Possible Interpretation

It came to me on waking that this was a prophetic picture of events in the Middle East, and the two boxes represented two States, the duckling and the squirrel representing two peoples, and the Bible represented how this dream fits in with the Word of God. The cost of £10 represents the fact that there is always a cost when helping someone else, but we need to always remember that Jesus paid the ultimate price for us all. 

The one State was in occupation of the land that was deemed to rightfully belong to the other, but in order to resolve the dispute, the second State would be created in order that they could live peacefully side by side.  This is symbolic of Israel and Palestine and I believe, of the signing of what may well turn out to be the 7 Year Peace Treaty spoken of in the Bible.  After 3 ½ years, this “peaceful” arrangement would break down.  With the signing, is ushered in the 7 years of Tribulation leading to the Battle of Armageddon and ultimately the Millennium reign of the Messiah.