My Peace I Give

My Peace I Give

Yearning, searching;
Sighing, crying;
Learning, urging,
Striving, dying;
A process of strife
In the course of my life.

Where will it end?
On whom can I depend?
Why the tears
Throughout the years?
Where will it lead?
I see so much need….

Striven, driven,
Am I forgiven?
Or must I pay
For not making my way
All on my own –
Yes, completely alone?

Grinding, winding,
Looking, not finding;
Feeling lost –
Counting the cost;
How long can I last?
Time goes so fast!

Faster, Faster –
Is time my master?
Youth has flown,
Opportunities blown;
Where will it end?
Who is my friend?

‘Come to Me and just be –
Yes, come to Me;
Rest in My arms –
In my outstretched palms,
My peace I give
As long as you live.

‘Give me your tears
Shed over the years.
Don’t strive any more –
You’re not under law.
By My grace you’re forgiven,
My peace I have given.

My peace I give
For as long as you live.
The world cannot know
The peace that I sow.
But you are Mine –
You’re part of My Vine.

So seek and you’ll find –
Don’t look behind.
Knock and I’ll open
The door – yes I’ll open
Opportunities new
Specially tailored for you.

Rest now in My peace
Let your sorrows cease.
Dry your sad eyes,
Hear Me and be wise;
Reach out and see
Your future’s in Me.

© AnnaKirsten 1999