A Stirring

A Stirring

Oh Lord, my heart reaches out to you
From within a chasm of darkness and sorrow.
There's confusion in a dungeon - I can't get through -
Depression restrains me to wait for tomorrow.
Yet as I reach out, limply, pitifully, but persistently,
There's a glimmer of light that flickers in the room -
Will it go out, or will it fan into flame?
Are you really there? I feel my soul is in a tomb.
Lord, please come to me - let me hear you whisper my name.
Somtimes I sense a stirring - I know you're there!
But it's like a whisp which stays within a shadow,
So I never really see you, then you move again - but where?
This yearning is ever with me - my soul cries out for you.
It's beyond my understanding that it never goes away.
The awareness is sure and steady, yet I don't know what to do.
Please don't make me wait and wait 'till yet another day!


"My child, you are so very, very small.
I know your deeds and I know your heart.
But when you're busy, you won't hear my call.
You'll not hear me tell you where to start,
'Cos first you must stop and listen,
Stop stumbling in your own blurred vision.
Only then will you hear my still small voice;
only then will you receive from me.
Only then will you make the right choice,
And only then will you begin to see
The Light that only I can give
As you continue on My mission."

© AnnaKirsten 2000 

This was written during a time of great turmoil but when I waited and listened, I go the answer.  It's still one I struggle with today as it's so very difficult to be still and just listen to God's still small voice.