He is Our Creator

He is Our Creator

When His heartbeat stopped
And His Life Blood flowed away
There was darkness on that day
And nothing left to say.

It had all been prophesied
Right up until He died;
His life bereft by force
And the rest would take its course.

Yet a single thread throughout
The eternity of time
Held a constant solid theme,
Our lives to redeem.

Like a shimmering golden shaft
Of sunlight from above,
The eternal theme was Love;
Its symbol was a Dove.

Love can’t be understood
Without experiencing pain.
Without the times of numbness
We wouldn’t feel again.

Unless there was the darkness
How would we know of light?
How would we tell the morning
From the evening or the night?

But all that ever was
And all that is to be
Is written down before us
For all eternity.

For nothing ever happened
That was not known before.
The times and all their seasons
Are set for ever more.

So let us not forget
That One who died to give
Eternal life and all He had
Just so that we could live.

For ‘though He died He now lives on –
There is no other greater.
He is God’s own beloved Son
And He is our Creator.

Those who thought they’d killed Him
Had no idea at all
The One they’d deemed their victim
Was the One who’d made them all.

Yet through that single, treacherous act
Of hatred and disgust
They ushered in God’s victory
Of Grace, and Love, and Trust.

© AnnaKirsten 1999