His Passion

His Passion

Father forgive them –
They don’t know what they do.
I give up my life for them
To bring them back to You.
I hang here in my agony
And feel their desperate need.
I pour out all that’s left in me
To satiate their greed.

These I once created
Several thousand years ago.
In peace we related
And taught them all they know.
Together we loved them
And gave them all things new.
They showed so much promise
And they knew just what to do.

Then came along the serpent
And robbed them of their right.
They chose to follow Satan
And so they lost their sight.
They ran and hid in Eden
Preferring darkness to the light.
From then until this moment
They’d already lost the fight.

I know what they are feeling –
I’ve lived right in their midst.
They’re lost and ever seeking
But the Truth is what they’ve missed.
Mis-led by fearful leaders
And deceived by sinful hearts,
Mis-taught by selfish teachers –
All have played their parts.

And now for every one of them
I’m dying on this cross;
Their sin and sickness I must bear,
Their anger and their loss.
Without this dreadful sacrifice
They’d still be in their shame.
That none of these should perish
Was the reason that I came.

The worst is in my dying groan –
That moment of separation.
Never before a thing I’ve known,
Yet experienced by every nation.
Throughout the echoes of space and time
Creation awaits this moment
When suddenly filled with sin and grime
I’m racked with pain and torment.

People cannot ever know
How I, God’s own beloved Son
Feel isolated and full of woe
As yet this battle must be won.
Then, bruised and utterly forsaken
By my Father and all others,
My final breath is barely taken –
Dying alone for you, my brothers.

‘It is finished!’ Is my final cry
The victory’s mine, won now for all
Who see the reason I had to die
In accordance with My Father’s call.
Beloved ones who hear these words,
Be still and know that I am Lord.
It was I who made you and the birds,
I am the Word, I am your Sword.

© AnnaKirsten 2001