Love Song


This music’s what I bring to you
From the love within my heart.
With silent voice I sing to you
As your Spirit draws me apart –
Away from all distraction
I set aside this time.
Your love’s the main attraction,
Far reaching and sublime.

There are no words that I can say
To express the thoughts within.
They’re things I feel and want to pray,
And I’m sad because I sin.
So many hours, so many ways
I don’t stay close to You,
And so I seem to waste my days
Even though I know what’s true.

So often you have spoken to me –
So often you have said,
‘Come aside and drink from Me’
But what I’ve done instead
Has simply made me thirstier,
Dried up and very tired,
And in the end I live in fear,
Not doing what you required.

But your love and grace are there for me –
This at least I know.
You draw me close, you care for me
And you never let me go.
You’ve plans for me as yet untold
And I know I must obey
As I watch the things unseen unfold
By heeding all you say.

I come to You with grateful heart
For all you mean to me.
I want to play a special part
In setting others free
From bondage and the dross they’ve sown –
From fear and guilt and sin;
To tell them they, too, aren’t alone
If they’ll only let you in.

This poem was written as part of my music album called Secret Garden in 1999.
© Anna Kirsten 1999